London Biggin Hill Airport is home to many light and general aviation aircraft who benefit from all the service available to them at the Airport. For the private owner, Biggin Hill provides unrivalled facilities close to London at affordable prices.

There are numerous hangar and maintenance facilities available for also the benefit of excellent fuel service either through the fuel bowser service or our brand new self refuel facility. Biggin Hill also provides based and visiting aviators the ability to get in to Europe far quicker than most other London airports and also providing them with the convenience of being a Port of Entry.

With effect from the 1st January 2016 Biggin Hill airport is introducing a requirement for all non-flight planned aircraft movements to be pre-notified to Air Traffic Control.
The establishment of a prior permission requirement (PPR) has been brought about by the increasingly complex ATC task of integrating general aviation flights with the corporate and executive aircraft types. The ability for ATC to pre-plan for busy periods of demand will result in fewer delays for all airport users.


BHAL is a member of The Strasser Scheme, and pilots of any qualifying aircraft should contact Biggin Hill Airport Flight Operations.